My adventure with the Himalayan began in 2010, when I brought home TRUE BLUE Pati - Marro .
The kitten was so beautiful that I thought about the arrival of his wife.
TRUE BLUE has arrived as a male adult and now as a stud ,
so not to waste a kitten headed in search of his wife.
After a few months ... I brought home two wonderful little woman himalayan ....
CAMELLIA and ISMENNA of which CAMELLIA was 16 months, and ISMENNA was tiny - 5 months.
Two years expecting kittens meant that if you are born kittens leave home tomcat .
Born two males , as it turned out for me , the choice of leaving one of them turned out to be extremely difficult ,
everyone had something wonderful in itself, but willing lacked finally decided to leave both
and they are: COFFEE and great CHANG . I do not regret the decision taken . Each of them have a different beauty,
character , brothers and so different , and most importantly LOVED !
already have at home a wonderful pattern of their father ie TRUE BLUE Pati - Marro ,
I loved the lines that represent , I saw incredible beauty !
In turn my attention focused on a CAMELLIA !
Is so great himalayan ! both in terms of pet for your heart as well as the culture .
CAMELLIA is my dream come true with a beautiful line and above all it is a balm to my heart .
Trus Blus as it is affectionately call it, is like a sensitive guy ... yes ..... but
CAMELLIA with his grace of movement and incredible finesse to sense my mood
moment is like the greatest and most precious balm medicine.
ISMENNA sweet, delicate little woman of immense grace tortie .


Ewa Kilar

tel.: 500 482 240