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Mrs Beata G. (Beti), residing in £ód¼
She bought 4 cats from my cattery in the installment system.

BLUE CRYSTAL                              BLUE SECRET

LAGOON                              O MAMMA MIA

Cats have not been repaid. This lady has not obtained any breeding rights. I do not have the right to use my kennel
name and data from 2 pedigrees. The other two pedigrees are in my possession. According to our contract pedigrees were
to hit Beata G. right after full payment for cats.

Beata can be very honest about her integrity. Mrs. Beata is a breeder of Pug breed and Chinese crested dog,
associated in the Polish Kennel Club. As a result of the combination of these breeds, a "bald bulldog" was created

She is also a happy horse owner. All these animals need karma, which Mrs. Beata can not afford. She has already specialized
in extorting money, karma and other material help from people. "He takes people for mercy" and I was also fooled in this
way. I sent her food parcels, a camera and a packet of winter boots. Unfortunately, they did not like her.

The family lives in very bad conditions - no heating, so I'm worried about the health of my cats.
All cats and dogs are in this apartment. If I knew what conditions my cats would live in, I would never agree.
Unfortunately, I found out about it after the fact. Beata G. does not cure animals, claims that he is too natural selection

During the telephone conversation, I was told that Mrs. Beata had no intention of returning the debt.
Dec. 24, after arriving in Lodz, together with my neighbor from Katowice, Lodz I called the police to pick up my cats.
Beata G. stated that one of them escaped through the window. I suspect that the kitten has been sold or dead.
Unfortunately, I did not pick up the cats, because I was not allowed into the apartment. I was beaten by Mrs. Beata G.

The case was reported to the police.


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Chang finished CHAMPION title!!!


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We have new kitten "I" !!!!

12.04.2015 after a couple of TRUE BLUE Patti-Marro & DELPHINE Seal-pointcats*PL girl was born
I'M LOVE Evi Cat Himalayan*PL


New pictures of kitten "H" !!!!


We have new kitten "H" !!!!

25.02.2015 after a couple of TRUE BLUE & ISMENNA girl was born HOPE JO


We have new kittens "G" !!!!


New pictures of kittens from litter "F"


First pictures of kittens from litter "F"


We have a new litter of kittens himalayan !!!

Babies were born on March 27 after the parents : True Blue & Camellia


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